Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Spicy Boondi Mixture/Khara Boondi Mixture

Spicy Boondi a cup of hot tea is my favourite evening snack..though my favourite snack.
 I dont make and enjoy very often, as it is deep fried and loaded with calories.
It also goes very well  with sambhar, bisibelebhath and also as a snack.
You can use the same boondi for making boondi chaat and also in pani puris.
It is very easy and simple to make, just that you have to get the right consistency and right temperature of oil.
For a cup of fine besan, add one tablespoon of rice flour, salt and rd chilly powder and a bit of bi carbonate of soda.
Mix with water to medium thick consistency, like dosa batter consistency without any lumps.
It should be free flowing.
The temperature of the oil should be hot and a little smoky.

Chickpea flour/Besan - 1cup,
Rice Flour - 1 tablespoon,
Bi Carbonate of soda - a pinch,
Water as required,
Oil as required to fry,
Red Chilly Powder - 1/2 teaspoon.

For Tempering:
Oil - 1 teaspoon,
Asafoetida/Hing - apinch,
Peanuts - 2 tablespoon,
Curry Leaves - 10-12.

In a deep, wide, frying pan add sufficient oil and heat.
In a bowl sieve the besan/chickpea flour twice, to ensure it is smooth and lump free.
Add rice flour to besan and mix well.
Add soda and mix well or alternately sieve it with besan.
Add water slowly and mix without lumps to  a smooth batter of medium thick consistency.
Take a perforated spoon wash and dry well and keep ready. 
When the oil is heated well and a bit smoky, then the oil is ready for boondis to be fried.
In a scoop kind of spoon and fill it with batter, keep the perforated spoon above the oil, say about few inches high on the oil, and pour the batter from the spoon,
Take care the heat rises up and you might feel the heat.
Once you pour the batter on the perforated spoon and rub it with the back of the scoop spoon, as to ensure all the the batter on the perforated spoon is done with.
Move the boondis in the frying pan to ensure even cooking.
Meanwhile wipe the back of the perforated spoon for next use.
Otherwise the besan batter might get dry and will not be able to use for next batch.
It takes 3-4 minutes for each batch of boondis to cooked.
When they are golden, remove from oil and put on kitchen towel, to drain excess oil.
Repeat the procedure for the rest of the batter.
Once all the boondis are fried, drain excess oil and allow to cool a bit.
When the boondis are warm, add salt and red chilly powder and mix well.
In a pan heat a spoon oil, add hing, curry leaves and peanuts and fry until curry leaves and peanuts are crisp and crunchy.
You can also add broken cashew in tempering, if you wish to.
Add this tempering to boondis and mix well.
When cooled fill in a air tight jar and enjoyy!!

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  1. It looks so tasty and spicy. I add up some lemon and spices to boondi's before having them. They taste great as a snack. Thanks for sharing recipe.