Thursday, 24 December 2015

Eggless Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Though I am late for Christmas..but I thought, I will post some of the cake recipes which I made and will be making for my friends and family in this season.
It is Egg less Pineapple upside down cake..its very easy and yummy to taste, I have'nt followed any particular recipe.  I have made slight variations to my basic vanilla sponge cake to suit pineapple cake and laid the pineapples and baked it.
It tasted yum and with the flavor of pineapple and real bites of crunchy pineapple makes it more flavorful and tasty.
I have used cannned pineapples, but you can use fresh sliced pineapples.
I was lazy to buy fresh ones and slice it. Canned pineapples were with me and it is handy.
They were already sliced. To make it look more appealing and crunchy, have placed some candied cherries in the middle of pineapples...
It can last upto a week in your refrigerator...
I have used the juice which was in the can or if using fresh pineapple you can juice it fresh...

Cake Flour - 2 and 1/2 cups to make cake flour see here,
Baking Powder - 2 teaspoons,
Bi Carbonate of soda - 1 teaspoon,
Salt a pinch,
Sweetened Condensed Milk - 1 can/400 grams,
Water - 1/2 cup,
Pineapple juice - 1/2 cup(fresh or canned),
Pineapple essence or vanilla essence - 2 teaspoons,
Odourless Oil - 1/2 cup,
Pineapple Slices - 8 slices (depends upon your slices),
Cherries - few.

Preheat Oven at 175 degree celcius.
Grease a nine inch cake tin with butter and line with a parchment paper and line the pineapple slices and stud the cherries in the middle of the pineapple slices.
In a large bowl sieve together cake flour, baking powder and bi carbonate of soda and keep aside.
In another bowl mix condensed milk, water and pineapple juice and whisk well until combined.
Add pineapple essence or vanilla essence  and mix.
Finally add oil and mix well to combine.
Slowly add dry ingredients to wet ingredients and gently fold to combine and without lumps.
Pour the batter gently on the top of sliced pineapple and bake it in the oven for 40 minutes or till a skewer comes out clean.
Remove from the oven, keep it in the pan for 10 minutes and unmould.
Allow to cool and serve the slice with hot coffee and Enjoyyy!!!!!!!!!

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  1. The cake looks really great dear and you have explained the recipe really well too. Thanks for such a useful share and i will surely give this a try.