Thursday, 1 October 2015

Avalakki Oggaranne/Avalakki Chitranna/Plain Poha

Poha/Flattenned rice is a staple breakfast or snack in Karnataka.  Poha in karnataka is called avalakki and oggaranne means tempering/tadka.  ITs simple,poha tempered with spices.  I love both in my breakfast or as snack with tea or coffee/tea.
Having hot poha is a different bliss.
It is simple, easy and done in jiffy..but tastes awesome. You can have either plain poha like I am posting today or with veggies like onion, tomato, grated carrot, potato or green bell peppers/capsicum.
I love plain more than veggies, with lot of lemon squeezed on it.
With poha I love a hot cup of coffee/kadak adrak ki chai.
I have a weird lot of sides with yogurt sprinkled with salt and roasted cumin powder, with ripe bananas, with spicy pickle or sprinkling lot of finely chopped onion, tomato, chaat masala, coriander,fine sev and green chillies and sometimes with mirchi bajji...are you feeling crazy listening to combinations..but dont me try any of these..its surely tastes awesome..takes humble poha to different level.
I can say it is one of my comfort foods.
My family enjoys it too.

Thick Poha/Flatenned Rice - 2 cups,
Oil - 2 tablespoon,
Mustard Seeds - 1 teaspoon heaped,
Asafoetida - a fat pinch,
Urad  dal/deskinned halved black gram - 2 teaspoons,
Peanuts - 1 Tablespoon,
Green Chillies - 5,
Curry Leaves - 10,
Turmeric - 1 teaspoon,
Sugar - 1 teaspoon,
Lemon Juice - 1 tablespoon,
Chopped Coriander - 1 tablespoon.

Wash poha twice in water and soak the flattened/Beaten Rice, it has to be completely immersed in water.
Check after 15 to 20 minutes of soaking, the rice would have blown up, take care not to over soak and make it much.
Drain water completely from poha by gently squeezing and keep it aside.
In a thick bottom wok heat oil.
Once oil is heated, add mustard seeds and asafoetida.
When the mustard seeds crackle, add peanuts after a minute add urad dal.
Once peanut and dal is evenly roasted/browned, add green chillies and curry leaves.
You can reduce or increase chillies according to your taste/spice.
Fry for 20 seconds and add turmeric powder and mix well.
Reduce heat and add soaked, drained poha.
Gently mix well and allow to heat up.
Add salt and sugar and mix well.
Again adding sugar gives a tinge of sweetness, balancing the spice and tangy taste in the poha.
You can as well skip if you dont want to.
Remove from heat and wait for couple of minutes, to cool a bit.
Add chopped coriander and lemon juice and mix well.
Enjoy with a hot cup of coffee/tea
Do sure try any of the above sides to go with poha.

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