Friday, 22 November 2013

Cluster Beans Parippu Usili Karnataka Style

Parippu Usili is been my favourites, but in our family or in any other banglore and mysore brahm house it is done differently from rest of the parippu usilis, it is also called as maatodi palya in kannda brahm household. It is done in cluster beans/gorikaayi/kothavarangai or with fenugreek leaves.
The difference between this preparation and the normal parippu usili is that, along with soaked chana dal, tuar dal, coconut, tamarind, jaggery and mustard and are also grinded to coarse paste and rest of the steps are as normal. The flavour of mustard makes it soo unique and tasty, also complimented by tamarind and jaggery, makes to enjoy it more.
It is either mixed with rice and ghee and enjoyed. It can also b enjoyed as a side dish with chapathi.
My dad was an expert in preparing this dish.

Cluster Beans - 1/2 kilograms chopped into 1 inch tubes.
Oil - 2 tablespoon/1 teaspoon,
Mustard - 2 teaspoon,
Asafoetida - a pinch,

To Grind:
Chana dal - 1/2 cup (soaked not more than 2 hours),
Tuar dal - 1/4 cup(soaked not more than 2 hours),
Coconut - 1/4 cup,
Mustard - 11/2 teaspoon,
Tamarind -marble size,
Jaggery - 1 teaspoon,
Turmeric - 1/4 teaspoon,
Asafoetida - a pinch,
Whole Red Chillies - 8-10.

Chop the cluster beans and cook with enough water and salt.
Remove water completely after the vegetable is just done and keep aside.
Drain water completely from dals.
First grind rest of the ingredients except the dals into coarse paste with little water.
Remove the paste, In the same jar pulse the dals to coarse paste, say just once or twice.
Mix both the ground paste.
Now there two ways of cooking the paste.
Either you can steam cook the paste, like how you cook idlis for 8-10 minutes and crumble it with your hands.
You can directly cook in oil.
In a broad kadai, add two tablespoons of oil and heat it.
Add mustard and asafoetida, once they crackle add the ground paste.
Keep frying in medium low heat, until you see it is well cooked(approximately 10-12 minutes),
Keep stirring while cooking the paste, to ensure it does not gets stuck to the bottom.
Once it is well cooked you can see it does not stick to the pan, or the stirring spoon.
Also it emits a good aroma of cooked dals  and spices.
At this stage add cooked cluster beans, mix well, adjust salt and serve.
If you have steam cooked the paste, crumble in your hands, then temper with one teaspoon of oil, mustard and asafoetida.
Add cooked, crumbled paste and fry for couple of minutes.
Add cluster beans and mix well and serve.
Serve it with rasam rice or sambhar rice.
It can also be mixed with hot rice and ghee or a good side dish with chapathi.

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