Monday, 17 June 2013


I would say idlis are one of the classic dishes of South Indian food.
It is most households staple for the breakfast.
My family loves hot, spongy idlis with chutney, sambhar and with idli molagai podi on lazy weekend mornings. (yes of course with a dash of home made ghee)
With begginers I would say, with right measurement and grinding the dal to the right consistency, gives soft, perfect idlis.
Today I am posting idlis with urad dhal and rice rawa.  Sometime I will post dhal and raw rice idlis and also my favourite Kancheepuram idlis.

Urad dhal - 1cup,
Poha or puffed rice -1tblspn,
Rice rawa or Idli rawa - 3cups.

Wash dhal atleast for three times, so that dull husk on the dhal is washed away as this will make idlis to look whiter. Soak the dhal for atleast 6-8 hours.
Separately wash and soak poha.
Grind them to together with water a less as possible to smooth butter consistency.
Before mixing the rawa to dhal mixture wash the rawa 2-3 times and drain water.
Mix the ground dhal and rawa with salt.
The mixture should be thicker than medium consistency.
Tranfer to a dish to ferment. Cover and keep in a warm place
Take care that the dish should be half filled, so when it ferments, it rises and doubles in quantity.
It may pour out.
Once fermented , grease idli moulds.
Steam the idli cooker very well, as when you place the moulds inside the cooker they should be steaming hot for idlis to be soft and spongy.
Steam for 10-12 mins and serve with chutney and sambhar.

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